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    The AQUAPOOL pH ELEVATOR is specially recommended to raise the pH of the pool water.
    PH (hydrogen potential) is a measure of whether the pool water is acidic (pH low), neutral (pH = 7.0) or alkaline (high pH). In swimming pools the pH should be maintained between 7.4 and 7.6.


    1. Use TITA 3 IN 1 AQUAPOOL TAPE and analyze Alkalinity and pH. The pH should be analyzed daily and corrected with the AQUAPOOL pH ELEVATOR or AQUAPOOL pH AND ALKALINITY REDUCER.
    2. If the pH is below the ideal range, it should be adjusted, always observing the total alkalinity initially found, according to the table below:

    3. Pre-dissolve the product in plastic container with water from the pool itself and apply evenly over the entire surface of the pool. The use of the swimming pool will be allowed 30 minutes of application of the product.
    4. Use weekly the powerful AQUASHOCK O² GRANULADO AQUAPOOL to keep pool water always pure and clear in a practical and simple way.

    Sodium Carbonate 100%.