Line Water treatment


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    It assists in the filtering process in a fast and efficient way, turning a glass water and displaying apparent subtleties.
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    AQUAPOOL GRANULATED CLARIFIER combines the functions of clarifier and auxiliary filtration in a single product. It agglomerates suspended particles in the water causing undesirable turbidity and greening. Excellent decanter, assists in the filtration process quickly and efficiently, making the water crystal clear and free of apparent dirt.



    1. Use TITA 3 IN 1 AQUAPOOL TAPE and analyze alkalinity and pH. Total Alkalinity should be between 100 and 120 ppm. Keep the pH within the ideal range 7.4 to 7.6.
    2. Before activating the filtration, reverse the filter. Check for proper conditioning of the filter and filter material.
    3. In a plastic container, with the water of the pool itself, add and dissolve the AQUAPOOL CLARIFIER according to the recommendation.
    4. Spread on the surface with filtration or recirculation in operation to homogenize the product.
    5. Filter the water daily for at least 6 hours or as recommended by the manufacturer of your equipment. Filtration time is a very important factor for perfect clarification.

    Clarifying compound of polymerized aluminum polychloride, stabilizer and organic coadjunvant.