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    ALCALIN ALCALINITY ELEVATOR AQUAPOOL is a specially recommended agent to restore the total alkalinity of the pool water. It has its own characteristics that confer greater stability to the pH. The ideal range of total alkalinity: 80 and 120 ppm. Alkalinity below 80 ppm can cause corrosion in metallic equipment and instability in pH. Alkalinity above 120 ppm can cause acidity in the water, tendency for fouling to appear and pH always high.

    1. Use TITA 3 IN 1 AQUAPOOL TAPE and analyze Alkalinity.
    2. To raise add 15g / m³ (15g per 1,000 liters of water). This dosage will raise alkalinity by approximately 10 ppm.
    3. Pre-dissolve the product in plastic container with water from the pool itself and apply evenly over the entire surface of the pool. Use of the pool will be allowed 30 minutes after application of the product.
    4. Use TITA 3 IN 1 AQUAPOOL TAPE for daily analysis of active chlorine content that should be within the recommended range of 1 to 3 ppm.
    5. Filter the water daily for at least 6 hours or consult the manufacturer of your equipment.
    6. Aspirate the bottom and brush the pool walls at least once a week.
    7. Use the AQUASHOCK O² AQUAPOOL weekly to keep pool water pure and clear in a practical and simple way.

    100% sodium hydrogen carbonate