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Desengrax DL

Alkaline detergent. Remove organic soils such as oils, greases, cleaning garage not attacking the paint bands (garage).

  • Product Details

    Packaging Volume: 5L, 20L, 50L e 200L (TB)
  • Purpose of Use

  • Information Label

    Utility Usage: Cleaning burned or polished concrete garage. Dilution Light Clean -> 1 part to 40 parts of water. Dilution: Heavy Clean -> 1 part to 20 parts of water. How to use: No need to wet the surface. Apply diluted solution as dirt, wait 3 minutes to start the mechanical action (rubbing). Floors: apply the solution, wait 3 minutes, start the mechanical action (rubbing) with a brush and / or broom, remove the dirty solution removing excess dirt and rinse. For floors with polished the need to wet the surface and clean parts for cement.