Line Qualimilk

Peracetic acid Qualimilk

Food Industry, Dairy Manufactures Ice Cream, Candy Industry, Pulp Industry Fruits, Juices, Soft Drinks

  • Product Details

    Packaging Volume: 5L, 20L and 50L
  • Purpose of Use

    Indústrias Alimentícias
  • Information Label

    Use utility: Sanitizer CIP equipment. Dosage: 0.02% (200 ml in 100 liters of water). Directions: CIP Sanitization-> circular solution 10-20 minutes at room temperature. Drain the solution case, do not use the CIP online same day no need to rinse. If you use the same make rinsing. Outdoor sanitization: milk transport tank, reactors, molds, press, preparing pasta, queijomat, mats, spray the solution. Bactericidal action.