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porcelain clean AZULIM

Alkaline detergent. Remove organic soils such as fats and oils.

  • Product Details

    CITRUS and LAVANDA Packaging Volume: 750ML e 5L
  • Purpose of Use

    Beware Floors
  • Information Label

    Utility Usage: kitchens and restaurants. Types of surfaces: formica, formicados cabinets, ceramic, granite, tile, porcelain, ovens, internal and external refrigerators, microwaves, painted with latex paint walls, floors with epoxy. Dilution: Light Cleaning -> 1 part to 10 parts water. Dilution: Heavy Cleaning -> 1 part to 5 parts water. How to use: * No need to wet the surface. Apply diluted solution as dirt, wait 3 minutes to start the mechanical action (rubbing) with soft white fiber, remove dirt with damp cloth. Floors: apply the solution, wait 3-5 minutes to start the mechanical action (rubbing) with a brush and / or broom in rejunto, remove the dirty solution and rinse removing excess dirt and rinse with plenty. Epoxy Floors: when there brightness of the floor sweeper in action using fur.