Line Building Maintenance

CP 3000

Acid Detergent not mix with chlorinated products. Inorganic soils in general, removing encrustations of cement and concrete.

  • Product Details

    Packaging Volume: 5L, 50L e 200L
  • Purpose of Use

    Treatment of Floors
  • Information Label

    Used the first cleaning after work in rough stones, rustic vitrified flooring for removal with excess rejunto or calcifications. Dilution: Light Cleaning -> 1 part to 10 of water Dilution: Heavy Cleaning -> Part 1 to 5 water How to use: Wet the surface waiting to absorb water, remove the excess, apply the solution by parts, it is recommended that and start the mechanical action (rubbing), leaving the solution has dried, remove and rinse. This process not exceeding more than 5 minutes. 

    On floors that can not be used: marble, granite, polished concrete or burned, porcelain.